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Lon Lindsey

Lon Lindsey living in The Villages, FL which is an active retirement community. I am proof that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks! I am retired from J.O.B., but not retired from learning new things and enjoying life with the online younger people and yes, I am also into "Crypto" where my generation of people sometimes call it "funny money!" lol . . . We shall see! My kids and grandkids will be thanking me long after I am gone!
Fred Thorndyke

Personal Blog
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Hi i am Charly Pape ( the viking)

i have been selfemployed the last 25 years both online and offline.
one program i got more succes with offline than online is Crowd1 now 23 mill members makes me 4-500 usd a week. V3 the best converting program ..recommended my best downline builder...

I have been scammed a few times. Also, have made a few bucks here and there. but I still be doing this?

Best of all, I enjoy working from home and helping others do the same.

Feel free to ask questions or comment. I love connecting!

Charly Pape - alka bestmarketing , Denmark-EU

Home of the vikings - H.C. Andersen - The little mermaid
Fredrick Rueben Rathinam

Personal Blog
Hi Nice to meet you today!
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I know i was in the same position
as you are now and after years of
struggling i had cracked the code
and now am successful...

I would like you to be more successful
and it is possible .. never ever giveup

talk soon
Brian Rooney

Personal Blog
Owner/Admin of 'Premium Traffic Pro' and 'Deep Water Solos'. Internet and Affiliate Marketer since 2013, now also an Online Investor and Co-Owner in a Global Joint Venture Crowd Funding company (see my website)

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